At Racecourse Physiotherapy Clinic we follow a personalised approach that includes an in-depth assessment, diagnosis, explanation of the recommended available treatment options and a plan for self-management. We use our experience and the latest techniques to ensure that you get the most appropriate treatment for your condition.

These include…

Sports Injuries whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or professional athlete, we’ll asses your problem and provide effective treatment to get you back into action as soon as possible. We’ll show you how to manage your rehabilitation and prevent future injuries;

Work-related injuries;

Joint Mobilisation and Manipulation to get you moving properly again;

Stretching Techniques to maximise rehabilitation and improve flexibility;

Tailored Exercise Programmes;

Post-Operative Rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery including a joint replacement, we’ll collaborate with your doctor or surgeon to ensure that you get the correct post-operative care. We’ll carefully monitor your progress and design a home-exercise programme specifically for your needs;

Chronic Pain Treatment and Management Neck and Back pain;

Hand injuries;

Shoulder, Elbow and Wrist pain;

Muscle Imbalance and Postural problems which, if left untreated, can cause many other skeletal problems;

Soft Tissue Mobilisation;

Trigger Point Therapy a ‘trigger point’ is an area of muscle tenderness that can refer pain; Chronic Pain and Overuse discomfort – don’t let pain and discomfort rule your life. We take a holistic approach to relieve the symptoms and treat the cause.